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If you like our freeware, please donate to support its development
and to sustain its improvement.


Why donate for freeware? Its full features are already freely available anyway, so what's the point...:-)

Yes and no. Development of computer software takes time, often much time measured in weeks and months. It is generally not cheap and some of its components may not be free. If you like our programs and would like to contribute to sustain their further improvement as well as development of new freeware, please consider donating. Think how often you use our programs and how much they help you. Regard making a donation as tipping your programmers, similar to making a tip when leaving a restaurant. You do not have to do that. But it's a decent way of a decent person to appreciate satisfaction with a decent service that has been provided to you. With relation to software this applies perhaps even more - in a restaurant you leave a tip for a one-time service; the freeware, on the other hand, offers you unlimited repeated services of the same quality... Any amount of donation, minimum or BIG, will be most welcome and gratefully appreciated.

Our donation procedure has been made as simple as only possible.

To donate, click on the following PayPal button:


You will be connected to 24-hour Visual Fantasy Secure Online Donations Portal at PayPal. Your payment data as well as credit/debit card information will be automatically encrypted using the HTTPS connection - the Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) - before being transferred to the secure web server.

You may donate by credit/debit cards or by a PayPal account. Your payment data as well as card data will be encrypted in Internet Banking standard for enhanced security. The payment is fully handled by PayPal and we shall have no access to your payment or card data.

You may also donate using Bitcoin. Should you decide to support us, use this address: 1D5bUSSb7HuovLRZHc1dj2B2NnhTTJAkiX

or scan this
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Safeguard your login to your cryptocoin platform with HashPass. Safer way to login bypassing keyboard as well as Clipboard!

If you decide to donate, our gratitude and our big THANK YOU will be returned to you in the improved quality of our products that you like to use. Donations are fully voluntary and you do not have to do that. If you do, however, you appreciate a job well done, you tell us by this that you like our software and find it efficient and useful, and, last but not least, also help and motivate us to continue bringing you a quality freeware.

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