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Here you may download the latest versions of programs
by Visual Fantasy


All software by Visual Fantasy is fully functional and feature-unrestricted, contains no advertisement leading to other sites and is clear of adware, malware, spyware, hiddenware, or whatever other "unfriendly"-ware...

All our applications are written in Delphi or Assembler, which means that they are small in size and do not need any additional libraries - DLLs, OCXs, etc. They are also not Microsoft .NET Framework dependent (no need to have .NET installed). Their executables are fully self-contained (it's just the Help file and ReadMe file that may be attached as separate additions), load quickly and run smoothly with small memory imprint leaving the operating system stable and most of the system resources available for other use.

Our applications were designed to use as little CPU, system memory and disk space as possible with top performance and no compromise in speed and usability. They all fully comply with portability requirements and generally offer maximum of functionality from a minimum of resources.

To download the selected freeware program, click on its download link.

 Program Name Version  Build Date   File Size (ZIP) Download Link
  AutoClipClear 1.3  May 29, 2013     4 KB  Download Now!
  ClipStop 2.0  October 15, 2015  320 KB  Download Now!
  Default Screensaver 1.4  May 29, 2013     3 KB  Download Now!
  Franco-German Assistant 1.2  May 29, 2013  350 KB  Download Now!
  HandyPad 3.0  October 15, 2015  440 KB  Download Now!
  HashPass 4.0  June 3, 2017  530 KB  Download Now!
  Screensaver Disabled! 1.5  January 5, 2010  130 KB  Download Now!
  System Tray Refresh  1.0  May 30, 2013    50 KB  Download Now!
  TextWrapper 1.5  May 29, 2013  260 KB  Download Now!
  Timer 1.1  May 29, 2013  230 KB  Download Now!

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