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To use safe passwords and to enter them safely do not resort to unsafe methods.
Protect your privacy and the door to your values with


Safe generator of safe passwords for Windows 9x/Me/NT4/XP/Vista/7-10

What is HashPass?
In one succinct sentence, it is a utility to create safe passwords (well, many programs do that nowadays, actually...) and to enter them as safely as possible into the password edit boxes (and here the devilish difference begins...).

HashPass is a powerful world-wide award winning secure password generator that revolutionizes the way you use your passwords. This generator - unlike others - does not generate passwords randomly that need to be stored somewhere and are entered in an unsafe way. Based on your individual and safely entered criteria, it mathematically transfers your chosen password-to-be into a unique secure hash, which becomes your real password. It can be next pasted manually or automatically into any text-input-capable target, or dragged into drag-and-drop enabled destinations. Its critical operations bypass keyboard, prevent screen snapshots being taken, render mouse click coordinates monitoring irrelevant, and protect Clipboard by anti-Clipboard logging activity. Its use in drag-and-drop mode bypasses Clipboard entirely. With HashPass you will never ever enter your sensitive passwords in the old fashioned way regarding it unreliable, unsafe, cumbersome and obsolete. Great addition when traveling and using PCs at public places but also at any time and for anyone when enhanced security is desired or advised. The application's icon in the System Tray serves as a status indicator returning feedback on its initialization and full/empty Clipboard, and also allows to easily clear the Clipboard manually. Delivered as a stand-alone freeware program comprising of a single EXE without installer, with a Help file hidden inside it, and is well documented even for a beginner. Truly portable and ready to run from any medium - both writable as well as read only.

Up to 661 bits password entropy quality with 128-character combination. Generate it in a flash of a second, enter it instantly. This just cannot be done simpler or easier.

Sounds and looks complicated? Actually, this program is very easy to use. Find more about this ingenious application and you will be just amazed. If you were to acquire a single program to enhance your security when using the computer, accessing your Internet Banking or working with your private, personal or business files and e-mails, then this is it. No strings attached. You will not be disappointed, actually, you will be... safer. Much safer, in fact...

Download the program on the Downloads page.

This can be your 128-character real passwords (lines wrapped for easier viewing):

Output format Letters (password strength measured by password entropy: 601 bits)

Output format Numbers (password strength/entropy: 425 bits)

Output format Alphanumeric (password strength/entropy: 661 bits)

Output format Special Characters (password strength/entropy: 645 bits)

To crack a password with entropy above 256 bits with brute force attack using the currently available computing strength is generally considered impractical and unfeasible. More details in the program's Help file.

You do not have to know or to memorize your real password at all as the program will always generate absolutely identical hash after you initialize it with the same master password and enter your variable string, even if it consisted of just one character. By design of HashPass, the password is not stored anywhere and is recreated in safe environment always and only when you need it, strictly on an ad hoc basis.

Security overkill doesn't hurt.

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